Application Process Overview

The first step in seeking funding support from the Elmina B. Sewall Foundation is familiarizing yourself with the Foundation's Mission, Values, Grant Programs, and the eligibility requirements found on this page.  If, after doing so, you believe your organization's work aligns with the goals of the Foundation you may submit an application.
We will only accept applications submitted through our online grant system.  Please refer to our Application Instructions and Online Application Guide, for helpful hints before getting started.  Links to the online application for each grant program can be found on their corresponding Grant Program pages.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must be eligible to accept tax-deductible donations as outlined in Section 170(c) of the Internal Revenue Code. This includes 501(c)(3) federal tax-exempt organizations, public schools, public agencies working for the State of Maine, or Indian tribal governments (and their political subdivisions) recognized by the Department of the Interior.
The Foundation limits grant support to charitable work in Maine that aligns with its stated priorities.  This requirement may be waived for a defined group of Legacy organizations for which Mrs. Sewall had particular affinity during her lifetime.

Submission Deadlines


Grant Program

Application Period

Due Date/Time

Decisions Announced

Healthy People Healthy Places

October 15-January 15

January 15, 5pm EST

Early June

Animal Welfare

March 15-June 15

June 15, 5pm EST

Early October


March 15-June 15

June 15, 5pm EST

Early October

In the event the due date is a weekend or holiday, applications will be due by 5 PM EST on the next normal business day.

Review Process

The Foundation receives more compelling requests than can be approved each year by the Board of Directors.  Thus, in reviewing applications, consideration is given to the degree to which the proposal advances the Foundation's goals in the context of other proposals under consideration.
Foundation staff may contact the applicant in order to gain a better understanding of the proposal. We may also contact others who are familiar with the applicant and/or project.
Proposals are reviewed initially by staff and are then considered by the Board of Directors for decision making. The Board of Directors retains full discretion in all grant making decisions.

Types of Grants We Will Consider

Operating Grants
Grants that fuel the existence of organizations, providing them with funds to support the operating budget needed to do their work.  Grants that increase the capacity of organizations to rise to a higher level of effectiveness and impact.
Project Grants
Grants dedicated to a specific program or initiative undertaken by an individual organization or a group of organizations working cooperatively.
Capital Grants
Grants supporting acquisition and stewardship of specific capital assets such as buildings, land or other tangible resources required by organizations in the performance of their charitable work.
Types of Grants We Will Not Consider
Grants for operating endowments.