Legacy Grants


The Foundation honors Mrs. Sewall’s interests and lifetime of philanthropy by supporting a limited number of organizations with whom she had personal relationships and affinity and who continue to do the work that she funded in her lifetime. Through these Legacy grants, the Board of Director’s recognizes the significance of these organizations to Mrs. Sewall. 


Only those organizations that have been identified by the Foundation as a Legacy organization and continue to meet the Considerations for Legacy Grants (below), are eligible to apply for these grants.  If you are uncertain whether your organization qualifies, please contact the Foundation.


Review Considerations for Legacy Grants

Grant requests will be evaluated based on the Foundation’s General Considerations and those listed below.


  • Organization is a designated Legacy organization, as predetermined by the Sewall Foundation (thus may work outside current Sewall Foundation priorities)
  • Organization continues work that was important to, and funded by, Mrs. Sewall in her lifetime and remains relevant today
  • Organization is well run, financially stable and making positive impact in its field of work
  • Does not serve at cross purposes to any Sewall Foundation priorities or values
  • Fit with Foundation’s General Considerations for grant making


Application Period


The deadline for applying is June 15, 5pm EST.  In the event the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the application will be due by 5pm on the next business day.  The online application is available from March 15 to June 15.  Decisions will be announced in early October.